is the fastest growing gamer-streaming content platform

2.9 billion players will help the Global Games market generate $175.8 Billion in 2021. U.S. video game usage during peak hours has gone up 75 percent since quarantine first went into effect and streaming increased by 12 percent.

Gaming and virtual entertainment, now more than ever, have encompassed our physical and internal realities. We are witnessing a huge expanse in online communities and video-game streaming. Even the IOC announced in April 2021 that they are organizing a slate of five esports events to be held in the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo this year.

No longer are the days of Sunday night football with the old man. Now, the younger generations tune into Twitch.

With these exciting new trends, social video gaming platform companies like are on the rise! is one of the fastest-growing consumer applications in gaming. Users are able to capture and share millions of videos every week, connecting with one another and sharing their gaming experiences.

Medal’s platform is a destination for gamers and streamers to find and create content. With $9M in funding from Horizons Ventures, the company is excitedly expanding its team and business operations.

Medal’s team operates internationally and is fully remote. Working at Medal has other benefits as well, like; Unlimited PTO, home-office budget, team gatherings (when traveling is cool again), paid parental leave, full medical, dental, vision, and 401K.

Recently, has partnered with Fabric Staffing to help recruit talent for roles like; Product Manager, QA Engineer, and Engineering Manager (Mobile).


Check out’s Seed Story on TechCrunch.     


Co-founders at Medal: 

Pim de Witte, CEO

Josh Lipson, CTO

Iggy Harmsen, COO

Zaid Elnasser, Replay Engineer

Patrick Rietbroek, CFO/CLO

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