Marina Del Rey’s Poparazzi is all about capturing life’s most authentic moments.

Poparazzi (founded in 2020) is a new anti-selfie photo-sharing social media app built to preserve authentic moments with your friends and family. Social media platforms currently are increasingly filled with overly-edited photos and witty captions designed to refract normal moments into perfect adventures.

Life is imperfect, and many moments of imperfection are our most perfect and memorable.

Poparazzi is about capturing these authentic moments with your friend and family. Your profile is created by your friends and vice-versa, by taking and posting photos.

However, you are in control. The app allows users to approve who can take photos of you and what photos are posted on your profile.

When Poparazzi launched beta a few months ago, they hit 10,000 testers in just a few days and 500,000 AppStore pre-installs. “We realized that by making social media less about promoting ourselves and more about sharing moments with friends, people actually ended up sharing a lot more — and the content shared was refreshingly authenticOver 100,000 photos have been shared on Poparazzi so far, and we’re just getting started.”

The mission at Poparazzi is to spread empathy and connect people in the most authentic way possible. Poparazzi does this by making social media less about promoting ourselves, and more about sharing the moments we spend with the people we love. People are at the heart of everything Poparazzi builds.

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