Message To Graduates of 2021 Voyaging Through Life of Employment

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GraduatesCongratulations to graduates of 2021, as said best by the very famous Canadian emo-rock band Three Days Grace, Life Starts Now.

In all seriousness, we, your friends at Fabric Staffing want to say congrats and leave you with some advice as you voyage through life of employment. This is our message to you all, to graduates of 2021!


SEB: My message to graduates of 2021 is; be eager to learn and experience new/challenging opportunities.

Even after graduating, most of us still don’t really know what we want, and that is natural. Because we haven’t professionally experienced what it is we want to do yet.

So, open as many doors as you can, learn, and keep trudging for the day you find the job of your dreams.



TOM: As a new graduate of 2021, you should take any interview you can get – even if it is not in your desired field. Get as much practice and meet as many people as you possibly can. Ask for honest feedback, and don’t get upset when someone actually tells it to you – work to improve on those areas.

Before any meeting, always spend 5 minutes researching the person you are speaking with – it makes a difference. Do the little things right, and big things will come.




JO: To the recent and new grads out on the job market: The job market is scary and intimidating – especially when you’re a new graduate and are trying to land your first gig. It’s important to stay open-minded and be flexible. In college, you learn a plethora of new skills, concepts, best practices, etc. and most graduates don’t know what direction they even want to go in because they do not have a specialization yet.

Some questions to ask yourself might include 1) What do I enjoy building? 2) What has been my favorite subject to learn thus far? 3) What industries intrigue me the most?

Do your due diligence on companies that you see hiring and apply to any positions you find interesting. Take any interview you can get for interview practice. Familiarize yourself with the questions hiring managers ask to continue your improvement on future interviews. Know who you’re speaking to and do a lot of research on the interviewer and company in general.

ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS – some examples are: What is the day to day like of this position? What is the culture like? What are the biggest challenges the company has been facing so far, and how would my skills help with that? The most important thing, I’d say, is to not be afraid to interview the company just as much as they’re interviewing you.

There is a false notion out there that it’s the company only interviewing the candidate. Absolutely not. You as the candidate should be vetting companies just as much for great culture, work/life balance, interesting projects, great leadership and hard-working team. This is a 2-way street, and though you just graduated and need to find a job, it’s important to find the RIGHT job for you – not just anyone. Humans spend so much time at work, make sure you love what you do 🙂


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