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Our Technologies

Hitch is coming soon…

Hitch is the best recruitment software solution designed to help people connect to the best employment opportunities.

Hitch connects employers and people in the fastest and most efficient way; by funneling data from various sources, into one easy-to-use platform.


The best recruiting software

About Hitch

We built a recruiting platform with the capabilities and bandwidth to:

  • Develop a closer community between employers and job seekers
  • Eliminate the redundancy in modern recruiting practices
  • Perform intelligent search queries across all staffing, social, and web platforms
  • Efficiently track and manage applicant and internal/external recruiting team processes
  • Save everyone time & money
recruiting software


Hitch is your one-stop shop for sourcing and connecting with people from various platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Google, and much more!

Efficiently track and manage your client, candidate, and job workflow/processes with our integrated ATS smart features. Coming soon!

Our sleek API design is easy to use with seamless navigation. Search, connect, and manage your pipeline all at once!