Deep Data Intelligence company hiring IT Jobs

Kharon is a Los Angeles native Deep Data Intelligence company hiring IT Jobs



Intelligence at the Intersection of Global Security + Commerce

Kharon (est. 2017) builds data products and analytic tools that power risk management and threat identification at the intersection of global security and commerce.

Founded and led by former senior officials of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Kharon’s team of highly connected industry professionals, expert research analysts, and skilled data scientists provides unparalleled expertise and thought leadership on issues involving sanctions network intelligence, export controls, and other global security restrictions.

But what does Kharon actually do?

Risk management professionals, investigators, and analysts require high-caliber data and analytics on commercial actors that are implicated in headline global security threats. Without data-driven insight, institutions and agencies face excess risk and costs that could otherwise be avoided.

Kharon‘s risk data and software solutions are unparalleled in precision and depth, powering compliance, risk management, investigations, and analytic operations at the world’s leading institutions.

Through Kharon’s proprietary platform, clients are able to gain the critical insights needed to make informed decisions that are in accordance with internal policies and procedures, business interests, risk tolerance, and regulations.

Kharon provides data and analytic tools to enhance the core functions of Financial Crimes Compliance programs, including KYC, screening, and investigations. Kharon’s solutions — covering the broadest range of actors implicated by global sanctions programs, export controls and other security threats — fill critical gaps left by traditional adverse media, sanctions, and PEP offerings.

Aaaand… Kharon is hiring

Open positions include:

VP of Engineering
Data Operations Analysts
Product Manager
Senior Software Engineer
Data Scientist
And more!

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