Wonolo Raises $190.9M Total Accelerating Their Continued Success

Wonolo Raises $190.9M

Wonolo is the #1 job marketplace for temporary staffing: connecting millions of people with frontline job opportunities.

Founded in 2014 by Yong Kim and based in San Francisco, the company recognizes the hardest barriers that make it difficult for all people to find truly fulfilling work.

They’re on a mission to help decrease the unemployment rate, increase living wages for temporary workers, and help previously incarcerated individuals to help work to contribute to the economy.

It has been a big year for Wonolo, achieving Best Places to Work in 2021 award in early January. They came in at the #24 spot out of 1.3M companies surveyed on Glassdoor globally.

Wonolo announced their $138M Series D funding back in mid-October (Leeds Illuminate, G2VP, Franklin Templeton Investments, and 137 Ventures) totaling $190.9M raised. Their intention is to continue the optimizations of their mobile innovations while broadening their reach across US markets.

When businesses need seasonal workers, quickly, and at high volume, they turn to Wonolo.

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