The access we have to technology today, was considered science fiction only a few years ago.

We might not have flying cars, yet. But what technology we do have is transforming how we interact within our daily lives. We have gene-editing platforms, FaceTime, jet-packs, holograms, bionic limbs, hoverboards, AI, Augmented & Virtual Reality and so much more.

The future is now, and the future is Tech!

Here is a list of the best tech jobs of 2021:

#1 Software Engineer (median salary $107,510) – Any piece of hardware technology has a sequence of instructions built within in order to carry out a specific function. Software Engineers are responsible for creating, perfecting, and maintaining these instructions or “code.” Software is in almost every industry and business, becoming an essential asset in the progression of a business success. Entire industries have been created around the development and selling of software

#2 Data Scientist (median salary $94,280) – Data Scientist are the masterminds in the tech industry, utilizing technology to identify and analyze patterns, trends, and behaviors for actionable insights. These individuals devise and apply complex algorithms, mine data, and use good communication to report research and advise solutions. Technical requirements for this job include statics, quantitative reasoning and computer programming skills.

#3 Product/Project Manager (median salary $146,360) – Product and Project Managers are two sides of the same coin. Product Managers focus more so on the full life cycle of a physical product whereas Project Managers are centered around the creation of a product – planning, executing, monitoring, and closure. Product Managers deal with “what” and “why.” Project Managers handle the “how” and “when.”

#4 Security Analyst (median salary $99,730) – Government, healthcare, financial services and other companies rely on security analyst to defend their systems against spam, hackers, and other cyber-attacks. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 31.2% employment growth for IT security between 2019-2029. Security Analyst are mainly responsible for the prevention, monitorization, and reaction of cyber-attacks and data breaches.

#5 Systems Analyst (median salary $90,920) – System Analysts are the bridge between IT and the business. They leverage experience and knowledge of computer systems and business process to streamline secure, reliable, and agile operations. System Analysts understand their client’s business and how they use technology- researching the best tools to assist the organization in running more efficient and effective.