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ABL Space Systems was founded in 2017 by SpaceX veterans in partnership with Morgan Stanley.

About the Company

Located in El Segundo, California, ABL Space Systems is a space startup company that builds rockets to launch small satellites into space. They are determined to prove that reaching space can be simple, efficient, and routine.

Their RS1 rocket was developed for a high-cadence, no-fuss future of orbital launches. Through combining simple architecture with modern manufacturing processes, ABL breaks the trade-off between cost, reliability, and flexibility.

Recently, ABL announced they have completed acceptance tests of the second stage of their RS1 vehicle (May 16, 2022), and is now focusing on early summer for their first launch to space!


RS1 rocket was built with only one design constraint in mind: it must work.

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, RS1 can launch 1,350kg of payload on demand. No over-design, no gimmicks—just reliable, regular launches.

RS1 uses a simple metallic, biconic fairing that shields each payload from aerodynamic buffeting and heating during ascent. Internally, the fairing is provisioned with acoustic protection. The fairing is a two-part assembly, which separates along a longitudinal seam. Non-pyrotechnic devices are used for fairing separation, which limits shock loads. The fairing is then jettisoned after the aero heating rate is reduced below the required level.



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Launch takes more than just the rocket.

To make rapid missions a reality, ABL reimagined the launch site. ABL Space Systems’ GS0 is the next generation of launch infrastructure.

GS0 is a rapidly deployable ground launch system, built to adapt. GS0 is packaged into standard shipping containers that can go anywhere, at a moment’s notice (land, air, and sea), at a minimal cost.


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About the team

ABL’s team has come together to pursue mastery of their domains and build something bigger than ourselves. ABL takes a deep personal responsibility for everything we make and is proud to serve the people pushing the frontiers of space technology.

Great people and greater talent drive ABL; we are reimagining the next generation of space launches.

For more information on open opportunities at ABL Space Systems click here



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