What is the Average Software Engineer Salary in Los Angeles?

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What is the Average Software Engineer Salary in Los Angeles?


What is the Average Software Engineer Salary in Los Angeles?

“What is the average software engineer salary in Los Angeles?” – Is a question we get frequently from people and employers we partner with.


Most engineers/developers ask this question to better understand the current job market and to gauge whether or not they are currently receiving competitive compensation. Employers ask to enhance their hiring strategies and ensure they’re staying within an acceptable market rate.


To best answer this question, we presented a comparative analysis of compensation trends regarding developer/software engineer salaries in Los Angeles.


The data provided below is a collection of public and internal data.


Web-Based Data Analysis 2022


Software Engineer – $130-160K


Senior Software Engineer – $150-180K


Staff/Lead Engineer – $190-220K


Manager level – $200-230K


Executive-level – $230-400K


Fabric Staffing’s Data 2022


Title                             Industry                                   Compensation

Director of                   SaaS/                                       $210k base +

Engineering                 Payroll                                     10% bonus


VP of                            Lifestyle                                   $260k base +

Engineering                                                                 30% bonus


Engineering                Social media                            $220k Base



QA                                VR                                            $175k base +

Manager                                                                     25% bonus & 10K



Staff Ruby                   SaaS/                                       $205k base

Engineer                     Staffing



Senior Ruby                 SaaS/                                       $190k base

Engineer                      Staffing


Ruby Engineer             VR                                            $175k base +

20% bonus


Front End                    FinTech                                   $185k +

Engineer                                                                      .25% equity


iOS                               Social media                            $190k base



Full stack                     FinTech                                   $195k +

Engineer                                                                      25% equity


Cloud                           IIoT                                          $150K base +

Engineer                                                                      equity


DevOps                       Security                                   $195k +

Engineer                                                                      10% bonus


PHP                             Entertainment                        $170k base



Software                     SaaS/                                       $145k +

Engineer                      Cloud                                       .1% equity


Data                            SaaS/                                       $185k base +

Analytics                      Staffing                                    $10k sign-on




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