Andium’s Developers Give Us an Exclusive Look into Their Life as Engineers

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Andium’s developers give us an exclusive look into their life as engineers in their engineering blog.

Andium is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company leveraging its platform to build a smarter world and encourage meaningful change.

Andium’s technology is architected by a talented group of engineers who are developing a true end-to-end IIoT platform by implementing low-powered embedded devices, data-driven cloud services, and mobile apps.

Andium’s developers give us an exclusive look into their work through some of their most recent publishings like – “Setting Up an iOS CI Pipeline for Small Teams“, “What to Do when Your Relational Database Turns into a Spaghetti Monster“, & “How to Build a Unique ID Generator Using AWS DynamoDB“.

Andium’s technology spans a broad tech stack contained on an in-house OS, enabling their developers to push the boundaries of IIoT. Their team is extremely diverse and dedicated to building a smart, flexible, and secure platform to better help companies monitor and manage their industrial environments, equipment, and services.

Currently, Andium is helping some of the largest Oil and Gas organizations to achieve unprecedented visibility into their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and sustainability initiatives. Andium provides these companies real-time monitoring of assets, powerful reporting, and advanced flaring and emissions tracking.

For more information on life as an engineer at Andium, check out their blog

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