2022’s Best Recruiting Strategies

2022’s Best Recruiting Strategies
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We’ve noticed a growing trend of applicant shortages as the pursuit of quality candidates increases. So, we put together our list of 2022’s best recruiting strategies, to help boost your applicant pipeline.

We are all aware there is much more to engaging and attracting quality talent than high compensation rates and great benefits/perks. If you want to recruit quality candidates in 2022, you need an authentic representation of your company; your employer brand needs to be transparent and stand out, and you need innovative and imaginative recruiting strategies.

First, What Are Recruiting Strategies?

Recruiting strategies are actionable steps that enhance the quality of your candidate pipeline and improve recruiting & hiring processes.

Some recruiting strategies include utilizing applicant tracking systems and other recruiting software/tools, publishing on job boards, social media content, enlisting recruiting agencies, and more.

The best way to measure the success of recruiting strategies is through the collection of analytics on specific metrics. For example, the ratio of applicant submissions to 1st round interviews. This gives us an accurate reading on how many “qualified candidates” are received at the upper funnels.

Some other metrics to measure the success of recruiting strategies are the ratio of job offers accepted to those declined, candidates’ average time in process, the ratio of candidate withdrawals to employer passes, etc.

Authenticate Your Employer Brand

Your employer brand is what defines your companies’ reputation with current and potential employees, as well as vital stakeholders. According to LinkedIn, 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before even applying for a job.

It is easy for candidates to identify good companies from a less sincere company by reviewing the company’s website and various social media platforms. Quality content is everything in any marketing or branding strategy. Publishing great content on the web and social media helps establish deeper relationships and authenticates a company’s brand/culture.

Some types of great content are any team/company updates, company intro videos, job & company video descriptions, team photos, blogs, and accomplishments/awards.

Content is one of the best and easiest ways to create transparent and genuine relationships with people engaging with your brand and is our #1 tip for best-recruiting strategies.

Enhance Your Hiring Processes

Our second tip on best-recruiting strategies for 2022 and one we talk with our candidates and clients about a lot are hiring & interview processes. The majority of all applicants are likely interviewing at other companies. Mundane, repetitive, and time-costly interview processes can cause great candidates to drop out of the process. Invest in enhancing all aspects of your hiring processes.

We all understand interview processes involve practical and/or technical tests that demonstrate one’s abilities and skills. However, quality candidates do not want to spend 3 hours on an exam comprised of questions they last engaged with at university (college).

One of the best tips to combat having boring processes is quick, thoughtful, and creative testing and interviewing; developing procedures or questions that cement a candidate’s ability through means outside of standardized testing.

Communication is another key element in enhancing hiring processes and keeping people interested in a company. Always create open lines of communication with candidates, even if there are no updates or news, reach out. Lack of communication can leave candidates feeling ghosted and create a negative impact on your employer brand.

Refine Sourcing Strategies

When sourcing for candidates, one of the best bits of advice we can give is; the majority of great candidates do not apply to jobs, job boards, or online applications – majority of top talent is found and recruited.

Refined sourcing strategies go beyond “open to work” statuses and emphasize on creative tactics to find and reach passive candidates with authentic messaging and content.

Messaging plays a critical role in the development of your employer branding and the success of your sourcing strategies. First impressions matter and your recruiters are the first lines of communication to potential employees. Create engaging and transparent messaging strategies that concentrate on building a relationship rather than pushing someone through a process.


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