5 Los Angeles Tech Startups Raising the Largest Funding Rounds – October 2022

5 Los Angeles Tech Startups Raising Largest Funding Rounds - October 2022
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5 Los Angeles Tech Startups Raising the Largest Funding Rounds – October 2022


Based on data provided by Crunchbase, here are the 5 Los Angeles Tech Startups raising the largest funding rounds in October 2022.


5 Los Angeles Tech Startups Raising Largest Funding Rounds - October 2022#5 Northstar: $24.4M

LinkedIn Description: At Northstar, we’re making it easy for everyone to access affordable, personalized financial advice. We believe that financial wellness starts with a single paycheck. That’s why we work with leading companies to provide 1-on-1 financial advisors and personal finance tools as an employee benefit. Northstar’s financial wellness program helps employees make the most of their total compensation, and helps companies support their teams at scale through onboarding, open enrollment, equity events, and more. We’ve raised more than $40M from investors including GGV Capital, PayPal Ventures, Thomson Reuters Ventures, Canvas Ventures, M13, Foundation Capital, and Workday Ventures. Our employer customers include Zoom, Snap, NerdWallet, Superhuman, Virgin Orbit, and more.


Round: Venture
Investors in the round: Canvas Ventures, Designer Fund, Foundation Capital, GGV Capital, M13, Parade Ventures, PayPal Ventures, RRE Ventures, Thomson Reuters Ventures, Workday Ventures
Founders: Matt Matteson, William Peng
Founding year: 2016
Total funding raised: $40.4M


#4 Eyenuk: $26.0M

LinkedIn Description: Eyenuk, Inc. is a global artificial intelligence (AI) medical technology and services company and the leader in real-world AI Eye Screening for autonomous disease detection and AI Predictive Biomarkers™ for risk assessment and disease surveillance. Eyenuk’s first product, the EyeArt AI Eye Screening System, is the most extensively validated AI technology for autonomous detection of diabetic retinopathy. Eyenuk is on a mission to screen every eye in the world to ensure timely diagnosis of life- and vision-threatening diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, stroke risk, cardiovascular risk and Alzheimer’s disease.

Round: Series A
Investors in the round: A&C Foelsgaard Alternativer ApS, AXA Investment Managers, Kendall Capital Partners, KOFA Healthcare Investments, T&W Medical
Founders: Kaushal Solanki
Founding year: 2010
Total funding raised: $38.5M


# 3 Loop: $40.0M


Website Description: Loop aims to be a leader in EV charging solutions. Our mission is to make EV charging more accessible to multi-tenant property owners and operators as well as electric vehicle drivers by simplifying and streamlining the development and operation of user-friendly public and private EV charging networks. Our turnkey hardware, software and service solutions make it easy and hassle-free to deploy cost-effective EV charging, saving our customers both time and money.

Round: Series A
Investors in the round: Agility Ventures, B. Riley Financial, Fifth Wall
Founders: Dustin Cavanaugh
Founding year: 2019
Total funding raised: $40.0M


#2 Liquid Death: $70.0M


LinkedIn Description: 100% natural mountain water from the Austrian Alps. Served in ice-cold sustainable cans. Murder your thirst.


Round: Series D
Investors in the round: Live Nation Entertainment, Science, Swedish House Mafia, Whitney Cummings
Founders: Jon-Ryan Riggins, Mike Cessario
Founding year: 2017
Total funding raised: $195.2M


#1 SprintRay: $100.0M


LinkedIn Description: We are a 3D Printer manufacturer focused on digital dentistry. Our products empower dentists to respond quickly to their patients and expand treatment offerings. While we strive to make 3D Printing technology accessible, easy to use, and reliable, our goal is to ultimately transform dentistry and other industries by expanding the applications of desktop 3D printing. SprintRay is a forward-thinking, nimble company on a journey to provide digital dentistry solutions to our customers. Since 2014 we have produced products that are advanced, user-friendly, and offer a premium experience.


Round: Series D
Investors in the round: CD Capital, Marathon Venture Partners, SoftBank Vision Fund, Yiheng Capital, ZWC Partners
Founders: Amir Mansouri, Erich Kreidler, Hossein Bassir, Jing Zhang
Founding year: 2014
Total funding raised: $100.0M



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