The Operating System for Spacecrafts – Epsilon3

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The Operating System for Spacecrafts – Epsilon3

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Epsilon3 is the OS (operating system) for spacecraft and complex operations.


About the company


Founded in 2021 and backed by Y Combinator and other world-class investors. Epsilon3 is an experienced team of engineering and design leaders from SpaceX, Google, Northrop, and Stanford; who personally ran operations that brought American astronauts to the ISS. They have personally worked on over 100 launches, including training and coordinating operations for multiple astronauts who successfully traveled to space and back.

Epsilon3 is the result of decades of learning; delivering on the promise of making efficient and error-free testing and operations- while making the process as enjoyable as possible.


Espislon3’s Product


Epsilon3 is modernizing space missions, complex engineering, and testing by building the industry standard of operational software. Epsilon3 is the OS for spacecraft and complex operations. Epsilon3 arms operators with the best possible tools throughout an entire project’s lifecycle, which result in 10X more efficiency. Their software platform manages complex operational procedures, saving operators time and reducing errors.

The idea is simple, but, difficult to achieve- make an operating system for the modern space industry.

Epsilon3 reduces errors by ensuring no critical step or data gets missed- while preventing failures with intelligent error checking and automation. Their software boosts operations efficiency through increasing performance over time with detailed metrics and reports. Epsilon3 streamlines communication; guaranteeing that everyone’s always on the same page and knows who is doing what, when, and where.

Epsilon3 supports the entire life cycle of a project from integration to operation:

  • Interactive real-time synchronized procedures for multiple programs/missions
  • Embedded release process including approvals, edits, in-line feedback, and track changes between revisions
  • Query-able database of as-run procedures
  • Manual and automated procedure views and capabilities
  • Integrated telemetry, command and control, and mission data
  • Detailed analytics, reports, and dashboards



Epsilon3 is hiring, click here for more information!


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