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The Next Generation of Podcasting: Racket 99-second stories

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The Next Generation of Podcasting: Racket 99-second stories



Racket is the easiest way to record, produce, and broadcast your voice to the world.

Racket is a fun new iOS & web app that lets anyone record audio content in about 2 minutes or less. Traditional podcasting takes months of preparation, financial backing, and a tedious process to gain an audience. “Rackets” are 99 seconds or less, created using an innovative set of lightweight editing tools. Allowing users to record and share their thoughts to the masses more accessibly.

Racket is backed by some of the best investors in the industry and recently announced a $3M Seed Round funding; Greycroft, Foundation Capital, LightShed Ventures, Active Capital, Loup Ventures, LAUNCH, Tribe Capital, and other Angel investors.


Who is Racket for?

Racket is for anyone with something to say; for the comedian who wants to test a joke, the musician who released a new song, or the neighbor dishing out new drama. Racket’s early community is primarily English-speaking and made up of a wide range of people: comedians, writers, shoe salesman, musicians, One Direction fans, and fast-food connoisseurs.

Racket is for everyone because everyone has something interesting to say.


What is Racket’s origin story?

The team behind Racket previously built Capiche, which was acquired by Vendr for $1.1M.  Then the team started experimenting with audio products; Ultimately coming to the realization that traditional podcasting is “broken”.

With around 100 million people actively blogging, 100 million people actively making TikTok content, and less than 1 million people actively podcasting. Racket recognized the opportunity to build a new paradigm that challenges podcasting and breaks the mold for a new format.


What is Racket’s long-term goal?

Racket’s purpose is to amplify voices. They believe that the human voice is uniquely effective at conveying wisdom, sparking emotion, and creating empathy. Their mission is to facilitate this at scale.


How does Racket work?

Racket is the easiest way to record, publish, distribute, and discover audio content, combined with an intelligent algorithm displaying relevant content. There are two distinct ways creators engage on the platform:

  1. Creators can go from concept to published talk in minutes, starting with Racket Studio. Once logged in, creators simply tap the ‘Create’ button, click the mic icon, and they’re ready to record. Creators have 9 minutes to speak their minds. Click the stop icon to wrap up the recording and publish it to the Racket feed.
  2. Racket‘s not just a platform to record your thoughts. It’s a place to listen to an array of ideas. By simply signing in, creators will see new recordings from others, including popular posts from across Racket and new content from people they follow via their Racket feed.


What’s next for Racket?

Racket is a growing team on an ambitious mission.

Racket publicly launched their app in November 2021 but have so much to build in 2022 and beyond.

Racket’s team is looking for engineers who are passionate and excited about building consumer apps. Those who are interested in working closely with a tight-knit team to build features and have a significant impact on the product.

Racket is looking for motivated self-starters who have experience working in a fast-paced environment.

Racket is headquartered in LA and remote-friendly.


  • Competitive salary and equity
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Dependent care savings account
  • Apple equipment
  • A WFH stipend
  • Quarterly team offsites
  • Unlimited trips to LA to work from our Manhattan Beach office (if remote)
  • Unlimited PTO
  • Unlimited Racket swag


If you are interested or would like more information on Racket‘s roles, click here

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