How To Make Your Job Post Viral?

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How To Make Your Job Post Viral?

How To Make Your Job Post Viral?


Attracting quality candidates to a job post can be difficult. But, just like all marketing strategies, the first step is building awareness. Meaning, the higher number of views on your job posts, the greater the chance is of reaching quality candidate applications.


Here are 3 tactics to make your job post viral.



Be Unique


The majority of job posts out there are boring and redundant. Creating unique and personalized job posts can help produce a high amount of quantality candidates.

Listing some of your companies’ best features or creating other creative/fun interactive experiences in a job post can severally increase views and quality applications. This will also help draw attention to what makes your company unique and accepting. Perks and incentives have proven to play a huge role in employee retention.

This job post calling for individuals “looking to get jacked, tan, and juicy this summer..” generated tens of thousands of likes, comments, shares, and a celebrity endorsement.

Another unique idea comes from Apple, which created a hidden job listening in the depths of its website. Although this tactic didn’t qualify as viral at its time, it did produce some quality software engineer applicants and gained a decent amount of traffic after being made public.




Not only are there more laws being passed about salary transparency on job posts/descriptions, but candidates are also more likely to apply to an online job form if there is a disclosed salary range.

Salary, benefits/perks, and a specific outline of the job (what will the person do, who will they report to/work with, and what is the work environment like) are all opportunities to gain views and connect with potential applicants.

Also, creating transparent job posts increases its shareability/readability on all digital platforms.





Did you know Facebook videos get 135% more organic reach than photos, or that time spent watching video content on Instagram has gone up by 80% year over year? Did you also know YouTube users watch over one billion hours of video every day?

Video content is an increasingly popular trend online, particularly on social platforms. Video allows us to tell a story in a more shareable, thought-provoking, and entertaining way.

People that are searching for a new gig are likely going through a high number of job boards, postings, and applications every day. Creating a video job description will help drive more organic views while creating a deeper connection with potential job candidates.

Videos help tell stories better and provide more depth into the inner workings of a company and its environment.

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