Prime Time to Grow Your Business: COVID-19

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Grow Your Business

Did you know, right now is prime time to grow your business amidst COVID-19? 

The World Financial Collapse of 2007 – 2009 is considered one of the worst events since the Great Depression (1930’s).  Now, a little over 10 years later, we find ourselves facing a new evil: COVID-19. As history always demonstrates, the way to survive the confusion is innovation.

Amazon, Blue Apron, and Walmart are examples of industry leaders demonstrating growth leadership. These companies are actively hiring tens-to-hundreds of thousands of new workers to help businesses and customers navigate the COVID-19 outbreak. These corporate leaders and many others are thinking ahead, securing their future amidst the chaos and confusion. Meanwhile, employees worldwide are staying at home with families and spending more time on their computers, phones, tablets, and streaming devices. For all companies who rely on advertising to bring revenue to their companies, this is the top of the hour.

Grow Your Business: Innovation

At-home fitness and health technologies are seeing exponential growth in sales. Those generating the most revenue are doing so, as a result of their innovative offers and problem-solving solutions. Ecommerce and gaming industries are also focusing attention on innovation to maximize their competitive advantage.

Every industry now has the strategic opportunity to shift from “reaction” to “strategic direction” as they adopt solutions that manage potential threats COVID-19 presents – along with the new demands that arise with telecommuting employment.

By understanding the needs of employers along with each company’s own operational decisions, there are potential issues that may arise.

Issues: Remote staff may have unreliable or unsecure access to computers or the internet. This may pose increased security risk or damage to company equipment. Insufficient VPN security. Lack of accountability in reporting or completing remote work. Limited access to software tools. Unexpected need for new hires without a plan of how to source and hire essential new employees.

Grow Your Business

Solutions: Logistics (shipping computers and other devices to employees’ homes). Tech support. Web security. Virtual web/client management. New accountability software. Management of new software. Virtual training on new software.

Many industries are actively looking for external resources to implement their innovative solutions. You may be one of those facing the task of re-training and offering new roles to existing employees. You may also need support hiring new teams to launch new products or services, including those already in the pipeline before the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic.

Grow Your Business: Reasons

Now is the perfect time to grow your business and grow your teams, and here is why:

  1. People across the U.S. (and worldwide) are at home, away from the distraction of work. This creates a great opportunity for strategic recruitment.
  2. Greater access to new and complementary talent increases when companies mistakenly turn inward and delay revenue-generating projects.
  3. More highly talented individuals are available now due to fluctuations in the industry.
  4. There is growing employment urgency across all markets and industries.
  5. Hiring companies have increased access to people, and it has never been easier to schedule digital meetings, conduct interviews, and manage calls.
  6. It is critical to maintaining quarterly goals that companies planned in 2019, before the onset of COVID-19.

Throughout these uncertain times, it is critical to remain healthy and safe, everyone is working hard to keep clients prosperous with innovative strategical navigation that keeps products on-track and productivity high.

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