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We are your full-service strategic growth partner. Our IT/Tech staffing recruiters specialize in building professional and authentic relationships, producing quality engineering teams while saving you time and money.

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Looking for a Tech Recruiter to work directly with your team? Select one of our expertly trained best tech recruiters to help you onsite / on-demand.

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Think of our IT staffing agency as an extension of your business. We help support, architect and implement entire software, product, and executive employment infrastructures from the ground up.

Rapid Growth

Need a high volume of candidates in a short amount of time? We are your Tech & IT recruiting/staffing solution, we optimize time by utilizing high growth strategies to deliver exceptional talent.

he Best Tech Recruiters & Staffing Agency

Disruptive technology is everywhere
it’s time traditional IT employment agencies catch up.

We are the best tech recruiters, creating the best IT/Tech recruiting and staffing processes that grow your company; with a highly tailored partnership that saves you time and money

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Hydra Host

Who is Hydra Host? Founded in 2021, Hydra Host is an early-stage, fast-growing startup offering unparalleled native cross-cloud infrastructure with high resilience and security via

Why fabric?

We connect you to people that
will grow your company

Our true north is delivering amazing candidate and employment experiences, while offering innovative solutions that keep your company growing.

Fabric is not an employment/staffing “band-aid” solution. We implement long-term growth strategies that match our client's and candidate's needs.

We prove our efficiencies by eliminating thousands of dollars in unnecessary contingent staffing/employment agency fees.

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