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5 Questions Great Recruiters Ask

5 Questions Great Recruiters Ask
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5 Questions Great Recruiters Ask

5 Questions Great Recruiters AskThere are a lot of recruiters and recruiting agencies out there. Identifying great recruiters play a huge part in the quality and outcome of anyone’s job search and experience.

Below we explore 5 questions great recruiters ask during their initial outreach. These questions will help you recognize if you are working with great staffing professional or a standard recruiter.

What are you looking for in your next role?

Great recruiters work with you to help find the job you want, not the job they need to fill.

It is standard practice for a recruiter to reach out to potential candidates with one or multiple opportunities they believe will fit their skills. Great recruiters will sometimes lead a conversation with an opportunity they think will strike a candidate’s interest. However, a great recruiter will not limit a potential candidate to a single role. Rather, they will work with candidates to find an opportunity that fits each candidate’s goals.

What excites you about the work you do/ What do you like to do?

Hiring managers score tens-to-hundreds of resumes and candidate introductions a day. Recruiters are responsible for setting the narrative on all candidate resumes and introductions. Hiring managers want to feel comfortable and confident in potential candidates before setting up the next stage interview process.

Great recruiters will ask dynamic questions like the one above to best send thorough assessments to hiring managers telling each candidate’s story. While simultaneously finding key factors that will pique hiring managers’ attention.

What do you want to learn?

Great recruiters express a genuine desire to listen, understand, and help individuals so they may achieve their professional goals.

The best recruiters acknowledge a job is more than the money made. Time spent every day working, is time dedicated toward enhancing professional skills. Great recruiters understand this and try to connect people to the best career opportunities that encourage each candidate’s desired environments of learning.

Anything specific you are considering in your job search?

Great recruiters know each candidate is different when it comes to their wants and needs. They try to identify those key factors candidates consider in their job search. Helping candidates to obtain desired opportunities that fit into their personal situations.

When is the best time to follow up with you?

Or “what is the best way to follow up with you?” -This is our final question great recruiters ask candidates.

Communication is key in any relationship, especially so between recruiters and their candidates. No one likes being ghosted.

Great recruiters will always follow up. They stay on top of all communication between hiring managers and candidates, keeping all parties updated.

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