Recruiters Tell All – How to Get Hired

how to get hired
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Recruiters Tell All – How to Get Hired

how to get hired


Recruiters live inside a perpetual stream of employment process, working with various types of people and organizations. If there is anyone that knows what it takes to get hired, it is recruiters.

One of the most important aspects that recruiters and hiring managers consider during the employment process are the actions of the candidate; the person that you are is hidden within your conduct.

Tell a recruiter that you are detail-oriented, punctual, and a self-starter; but your resume is barely legible and lacks any evidence for the discourse produced. Then, the recruiter will know you are lying, or at worst, unemployable.


So, to better help you on your employment journey, here is our recruiters tell all on how to get hired!



Polish & Customize Resume

Taking note of the example above, your resume is the first sample of your work quality that hiring managers take notice of. A resume is supposed to be a representation of your accomplishments, professional history, and who you are (interests, hobbies, etc.).

Polish & customize your resume every time you submit it to a new job. To curate your story to prove how you are the best fit for the job.


Selective Applications & Follow-ups

Be selective about where you apply to. Don’t apply to a mass number of jobs, it’s about quality not quantity, especially if we are customizing our resume for every job we apply to.

Find at least 5-10 opportunities that stand out to you the most and apply. Pick your top three and do a deep dive into the company; learn about leadership, who your potential manager/boss would be, and reach out to them.

Follow up, ask about your resume, and invite them to a cup of coffee on the notion of wanting to learn more about the company. If it is an in-office job, send a box of doughnuts with your resume stapled to the inside of the box. Be creative, and don’t take silence as an answer, let it be an opportunity for you to stand out and shine.



Reach Out to a Recruiter

Searching for work is hard enough, and to have to put yourself out into the world is exhausting. Sometimes the best thing to do is to reach out to a recruiter.

I know, I know, recruiters suck. Totally, and as a recruiter, I totally agree, that we as recruiters suck.

But, when you step into the world of job hunting, you enter the recruiter’s domain. So don’t be afraid to find and reach out to a recruiter that specializes in your industry. For example, if you are in software/technology reach out to a local IT staffing firm or search for cool a tech recruiter on LinkedIn. If you are in marketing, you might get lucky reaching out to an agency that focuses on marketing opportunities.

Recruiters are there for a reason, use them. But don’t forget about doing your own follow-ups!



Plan ahead

Our last tip on how to get hired is, plan ahead. The majority of all recruiting/interviewing processes are fairly standard and straightforward; call with a recruiter/team member, call/video meeting with the hiring manager, technical exam or call, more interviews with executive staff, and reference engagement.

Plan ahead to give yourself the time to prepare take-on various interviews and technical exams. Reach out to references ahead of time and have names & phone numbers ready when the hiring team asks.

If you are prepared and ready, you have what it takes to get the job done.



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