how to, thank you

Sending a proper thank you letter after interviewing for a job is an essential part of the hiring process.

A thank you letter helps the interviewing manager know a candidate genuinely cares about the company and helps cement a candidate’s presence in the mind of the hiring managers during the final interviewing stages.

So, how to send a proper thank you letter?

First, understand that there is really no wrong way to say thank you, as long as it is genuine, and leaves a lasting impression.

For example, if you are applying for a graphic design job, a thank you letter can be in the format of a cool unique design that showcases your skills. If you are applying for a social media gig, you can send a thank you TikTok or make a public post. If you are applying for a tech-startup, a short 2-3 minute thank you video in an email can work!

The ideas are endless, don’t settle for a boring thank-you note or email, embrace what makes you different.

What to say/mention:

-Grab their attention (video, TikTok, unique designs, etc.)

-Include a personalized detail that you remember from the interview

-State how much you enjoyed meeting the hiring managers

-Follow-up on an idea or topic discussed in the interview (show your passion for the work)

-Share your excitement about the opportunity

-Ask if there is anything else the hiring managers need

-Thank them again


Hey (Hiring Manager’s Name)

I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me this morning about the software engineer position with Big Tech Company. Our deep dive into the code got me excited and I wanted to share an example of what I can do, see attached file. I enjoyed meeting the hiring managers and team members, I can really see myself getting along well with everyone. Let me know if you have any further questions for me, or if I can provide any more information pertaining to the interviewing process.

I am deeply excited to hear about the next steps, thank you again!

Best, Jane Doe

Remember, the goal of a thank you letter is to genuinely thank the interviewer and to reiterate your interest and value in the position you are seeking.

Best of luck!