1 Million homes – Cover raises total $73.3M

1 Million homes – Cover raises total $73.3M   Cover has raised a total of $73.3M after securing a $60M Series B in late October of 2021. Cover is a technology company merging proprietary designed software and precession manufactured building systems. Cover designs, manufactures, and installs custom homes/backyard studios/ADU units. Delivering an exceptionally designed, energy-efficient, […]

Wonolo Raises $190.9M Total Accelerating Their Continued Success

Wonolo Raises $190.9M Total Accelerating Their Continued Success Wonolo is the #1 job marketplace for temporary staffing: connecting millions of people with frontline job opportunities. Founded in 2014 by Yong Kim and based in San Francisco, the company recognizes the hardest barriers that make it difficult for all people to find truly fulfilling work. They’re […]

AppliedVR Raises $36M in Series B and Granted FDA Approval

AppliedVR Raises $36M in Series B and Granted FDA Approval   AppliedVR is pioneering the way for Virtual Reality therapeutics, addressing unmet needs while improving clinical outcomes for patients with serious health conditions. Their immersive technologies can be applied in clinics or in the comfort of your own home, helping to address those suffering from […]

Andium – The worlds 1st true end-to-end IoT platform

Andium has built the worlds first true end-to-end IoT platform. Andium is an IIoT technology company comprised from a talented group of engineers, business professionals, and designers. Andium’s team shares a mutual vision, that by building a smarter, more flexible, and secure platform, they can make a real difference in the world. Today, Andium is […]

Staffing Made Simple – Wonolo

Staffing Made Simple Wonolo is an on-demand staffing platform that is changing the way businesses fill their immediate labor needs. Every day, Wonolo creates flexible opportunities for individuals to make extra income, learn new skills, and change their lives. At the same time, saving companies money by connecting them with talented people within minutes. Wonolo […]

Building a smarter and more secure financial infrastructure with Puzzle

Puzzle.io is building a smarter and more secure financial infrastructure The advancement and rise of new technologies have made it easier for individuals to create impactful change to our environment, economy, and everyday life. However, there is not a lot of change in how these technologies get discovered and financed, leaving a gap between creating […]

System1 – Valued at $1.4B in transaction with Trebia Acquisitions

  System1 founded in 2013, based in Venice, California. Offers their customers a proprietary end-to-end responsive acquisition marketing platform (RAMP). This tool allows System1 and their clients to drive intent-driven customers to their products. System1 describes themselves as an omnichannel customer acquisitions platform. System1’s RAMP platform has scaled the business to a projected $120M of […]

The Best Tech Jobs of 2021

The access we have to technology today, was considered science fiction only a few years ago. We might not have flying cars, yet. But what technology we do have is transforming how we interact within our daily lives. We have gene-editing platforms, FaceTime, jet-packs, holograms, bionic limbs, hoverboards, AI, Augmented & Virtual Reality and so […]