– Fastest Growing Gamer-Streaming Content Platform in 2021 is the fastest growing gamer-streaming content platform 2.9 billion players will help the Global Games market generate $175.8 Billion in 2021. U.S. video game usage during peak hours has gone up 75 percent since quarantine first went into effect and streaming increased by 12 percent. Gaming and virtual entertainment, now more than ever, have […]

Anti-Selfie Social Media App ‘Poparazzi’ Capturing New Trend in Authentic Moments

Marina Del Rey’s Poparazzi is all about capturing life’s most authentic moments. Poparazzi (founded in 2020) is a new anti-selfie photo-sharing social media app built to preserve authentic moments with your friends and family. Social media platforms currently are increasingly filled with overly-edited photos and witty captions designed to refract normal moments into perfect adventures. […]

Los Angeles Deep Data Intelligence Company Hiring IT Jobs Now 2021

Kharon is a Los Angeles native Deep Data Intelligence company hiring IT Jobs     Intelligence at the Intersection of Global Security + Commerce Kharon (est. 2017) builds data products and analytic tools that power risk management and threat identification at the intersection of global security and commerce. Founded and led by former senior officials […]

NEW Local Eco Progressive Tech Company Hiring in Los Angeles 2021 – Cover Technologies

We’ve noticed an exciting trend of Eco-progressive tech companies taking root and blossoming in the notoriously grungy, yet sunny, Los Angeles city. One particular tech company’s mission is to improve and enhance the environment with functional self-sustaining homes that improve lives. Currently, they have started their mission by focusing on beautifully designed accessory dwelling units […]

3 Tips – How to Strengthen and Attract Diversity

  The best way to strengthen and attract diversity within a company is to stop talking about diversity and inclusion and do it. Highlighting the words “diversity and inclusion” on a companies’ jobs page is great, and it gets the point across. But it does not indicate exactly how the company is making a direct […]

Inside Look at Working for Stasis Labs – Developing Leaders

  Seamless access to accurate information is the most powerful form of technology within our reality. It is what helps win wars, fly airplanes, and navigate almost everything in our daily lives. We depend on accurate information for everything, including the advancements of healthcare and healthcare technology. Stasis Labs is a hardware & software device […]

5 Los Angeles Tech Companies Hiring in 2021

Are you looking for technology focused jobs; engineering, development, analysis, design, and/or management? Check out these 5 Los Angeles tech companies hiring in 2021:   Medely   Medely enhances hospital and outpatient facilities by providing trusted healthcare professionals on-demand. Medely helps these facilities save valuable time, resources, and money.  Medely also empowers healthcare professionals with […]